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EverywhereUGO® was founded in 2000 in Traverse City, Michigan. Founder, Matt Myers and staff sought process and technology improvements that were not available to best capture effective and efficient methods of reaching valuable consumers. EverywhereUGO® spent years developing the software technology and improved business practices to ensure the success of the company. EverywhereUGO® is the market leader in its founding locations, enjoying continued growth and exploring new products and services.

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EverywhereUGO® is an indoor billboard advertising company, providing turnkey opportunities for Licensees throughout the United States.

They provide:

  • Indoor billboard advertising products and services to provide advertisers a means to reach captive audiences with a high quality product in high traffic venues, with targeted demographics.
  • Indoor billboards are designed to suit various venues. Restroom indoor billboards receive consumers' undivided attention for 30 seconds to 4 full minutes.
  • Registered trademark and established brand usage for Licensees to start an indoor advertising business in their area.
  • Proprietary technology to assist Licensees in running their business. This web based system is highly refined and interactive, providing extremely useful services to not only the Licensee, but also to his clients.
  • Graphic Design and Production services to ensure high quality levels of ad production are available if needed.
  • Sales and Promotional materials which are customized by the Licensee to fit individual market needs.
  • On site training to assist Licensees in developing initial business contacts, both for locating venues to display advertising, and in acquiring advertisers.

This company is very well suited for established media sales executives to "Ma & Pa" seeking their own business opportunity. They provide industry leading Indoor Billboard product quality, software, and technology.

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Indoor billboard advertising is growing rapidly, as it has proven to be a highly cost effective way for advertisers to reach very targeted demographics. The ability of advertisers to specifically target potential clients based on gender, age, lifestyle, income level, and geographic area is better served by indoor advertising than by any other type of media. The fact that advertisers often have the undivided attention of their audience for anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes provides retention of ad impressions at an astounding 84%! Of this group, 92.5% were able to name specific advertisers without prompting, and 88.5% recalled at least FOUR selling points in the ads surveyed! Rice University timed 1000 people while in the restroom and found an average of 1 ½ to 2 full minutes were spent in front of advertising billboards. Barbour & Monroe Marketing research studies found that 98.9% of restroom advertising viewers reacted positively or neutral to seeing ads in restrooms. Conversely, Dr. Vince Blasco, of Arizona State University, states; "The average amount of time spent viewing a print form of advertising is only 3 to 5 seconds."

EverywhereUGO® uses the highest quality indoor billboards, superior software and support, providing their Licensees competitive advantages in their market areas. They also utilize a simple ongoing usage fee structure which is not based on sales revenues or volume. This promotes rapid growth among the Licensees.

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The company is well suited to any candidate with a strong community based background. A high energy level, and a fondness for calling on business owners is key. Successful Licensees enjoy working in office and social settings, but are driven and well disciplined. Sales executives who want to work for themselves, and be rewarded directly for their sales efforts may be an especially good fit. The business model lends itself to one or two person offices very well, and some Licensees are working well as partnerships, with one member focusing on outside sales, and one focusing on office administration.

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Typical Day: The Licensee will spend most of his time during startup both finding quality venues to display ad billboards, and finding advertising clients. These efforts will include many drop in visits to potential venues, many of whom may also be excellent advertising prospects. The Licensee will need to spend a portion of each day calling on clients and venues, and a portion in the office, entering data into the business management system. The system allows the Licensee, with or without assistance, to easily manage a large business volume, which provides an extremely lean overhead cost structure.

Earnings Claims:

First year Sales Revenue: $42,000
Second year Sales Revenue: $153,000
Third year Sales Revenue: $190,000

This was in the Traverse City, Michigan market area, a city of about 30,000 in a county of about 60,000 residents.

Additional startup capital of $5000 - $10,000 is recommended for promotion, equipment, and additional supplies.

Ongoing Fees

  • $300 / MO During the first year
  • $400 / MO During the second year
  • $500 / MO Third year and beyond

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There are a number of competitors in various markets around the country, but many markets have none. Few big players mean this company will offer great opportunities for cross-selling between markets as the number of Licensees grows. We are also working to acquire future opportunities for national advertisers to be placed within many of the local markets. Some existing Licensees have found it mutually beneficial to work with existing competitors within their market areas, maximizing each others locations and clients.

EverywhereUGO® enjoys competitive advantages with the quality of their operating system, and the quality of their indoor billboard products. The company owns the proprietary technological system.

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It is recommended that Licensees seek counsel regarding liability, before any investment is made.

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